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100% Paperless Apps

No Paperwork

Completely Paperless. Eliminate hours of data entry and mountains of paper.


See updates immediately and get up to date appointment information on demand.

Print Option

You can still print straight from the truck using multiple printer options if you prefer.


Track technicians on a map as they complete their stops and travel during the day.

Bar Code Scanning

Manage equipment used at homes like bait boxes, termite stations, and more!

Mobile Payments

Update Credit Cards and charge payments on the spot! You can even charge a card before starting service.

iPad Apps for Pest Control

Intelligent Routing

Route your entire month of appointments in 20 minutes. PestRoutes utilizes a brilliant algorithm which pre-optimizes your routes to minimize drive time and fuel costs. Want to tweak a route? Just drag and drop.

Intelligent Routing

Automated Voice, SMS, and Email Appointment Reminders

pest control reminder SMS


Record your voice, set your own message, and make it your own! Customers can confirm with one button.

Save HOURS a Day

Some offices have replaced the work of 3 employees. Secretaries have more time to help customers.

Try It!

Enter your name and cell number and we will send an example.

*Normal carrier charges apply.

Simple Customer Signup

PestRoutes enables your to easily send digital agreements to prospective customers which they can approve and sign with their finger. Even better, we have tools to allow customers to sign up themselves with our branded self-sign up module.

Digital Contracts

Sign With Finger

Customers can sign with a finger using any tablet or phone or by using a mouse on a desktop.


Start with our boiler plate template and then customize with your terms, services, logo, etc.

Buy it Now Button

Create pest control deals and advertise them on your site. Customers can sign up for service in just a few clicks.

Self Sign Up

You get a signed agreement, a pre-charged credit card, and a pre-scheduled appointment based on availability.

Integrated Billing

Integrated Billing

Pay Online

Customers can easily update payment info, make payments, and view payment history from your branded customer portal.

Batch Processing

Process all outstanding balances with the click of a button.

Low Cost

Great rates come standard, PLUS PestRoutes will match or beat any rate you have.


Preferred billing dates, max monthly charges, subscription payments -- PestRoutes has you covered!

Generate Online Reviews

Generate Online Customer Reviews


We proactively collect reviews from your customers and can typically get 10% of your customer base to leave a 5-star review in the first year!


Match reviews with specific services and technicians. Photos of your technicians add trust and value.

Social Media

Help your customers brag about your service on social media. We also provide you with a badge to put on your site which displays your average rating.

Powerful Reporting


You shouldn't have to dig for the information you need. Our dashboard puts the right stats in front of you every time you log in.


We have been working with Pest Control companies for the last decade and know which information can help your business grow.

Powerful Reporting

Integrated Websites & Lead Generation Services that Increase Revenue

Sell Pest Control Online

Allow customers to buy pest control services online and seamlessly integrate their orders into your billing and technician scheduling workflow

Launch Marketing Campaigns

Work with experienced pest control marketers to optimize your website and launch successful advertising campaigns

Improve Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience by allowing customers to manage their services online

Grow Customer Referrals

Build trust and grow referrals with social reviews and reputation management programs

Capture & Promote Reviews

Easily capture and promote reviews from happy customers on your website

Optimize Your Website

Publish new content and continually refine the performance of your website overtime

marketing website integration

Packed with Benefits.

We spent 6 months working out of Pest Control office while they used our software. We watched every action and every issue and came up with a powerful package to solve your every-day problems.

Intelligent Routing

Build pre-ordered, optimized routes for an entire month in minutes. Re-arrange stops via drag and drop.

Customer Portal

Customers can pay bills, sign agreements, leave feedback, and view service history.

Tech Tracking

Our apps geolocate technicians as they complete stops and throughout the day.

Training Resources

We offer lots of online resources to help train your office staff. Videos, tutorials, FAQs, and webinars.

Customer Feedback

After every appointment, PestRoutes prompts your customers to leave feedback for your technicians.

Customer Emails

Filter your customer list by dozens of parameters and then send out a bulk email to specific groups of customers.

Digital Contracts

Generate a service contract in the office and then email to the customer for a signature.

Task List

Never lose a to-do item again! Easily keep track of what needs to be done, assign to other users, and followup.


Dozens of Reports show you everything you need to make the right decisions -- in real time.

Sales Apps

Sign up new customers and setup service in the field, sign with a finger, and email to customers.

Time Sheets

Keep track of employee time and pull reports to generate paychecks.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Visually re-arrange your appointments with easy drag-and drop.

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