Grow your digital marketing presence

As a pest control business owner, you probably have a lot of questions about how COVID-19 is going to affect your business.

While most states have deemed pest control as an essential business, unfortunately, your door-to-door sales strategy may be (temporarily) put on hold. That being said, there’s no reason to panic. While your first thought may be to halt all your marketing efforts, the reality is, it’s more important than ever to increase your digital marketing presence.

Why? First, you need to ensure you retain your current customers. If you’re not communicating with them, you could lose them. Second, you want to stay visible to potential customers. Since door-to-door sales is not an option right now, you need to drive prospects to your website to make sales. And last, but certainly not least, this isn’t going to last forever. While, yes, the next few weeks may be rough for us in the U.S., life in other parts of the world is returning to normal. This is a great time to strategically build your pest control business and focus on the strength of your digital presence.

Not sure where to start? Our sister company, Lobster Marketing Group, easily integrates with the PestRoutes® platform. The Lobster Compassâ„  marketing portal provides pest control owners real-time visibility into critical marketing and business growth metrics. It eliminates time-consuming tasks such as sifting through reports from various programs and services, which can also lead to inaccurate data that is used to make important decisions about future marketing strategy and spend. The Lobster Compass marketing portal is integrated with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google My Business and Call Tracking Metrics.

The Lobster Compass marketing portal also provides access to recommendations from Lobster Marketing Group experts and educational tools. Pest control owners can begin each day confidently with the right data needed to guide marketing and business decisions as new trends arise. In addition to consolidating traditional marketing metrics, the Lobster Compass marketing portal will display:

  • Brand value

  • Performance by marketing channel

  • Number of leads by source

  • Lead close rates

  • New recurring and one-time sales tied to marketing initiatives

  • True return on marketing spend

  • Insights on where to invest for further growth

Most everyone is staying close to home these days, which means fewer people are driving around looking for services. This means that local SEO is more relevant now than ever and you want to ensure you're taking advantage of it. Lobster Marketing Group optimizes websites to be found by Google and other search engines using an agile approach that keeps your website ahead of the curve. 

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the word “pivot” more times than you can count, but marketing departments in all industries are getting creative and staying relevant during this turbulent time. And if you don’t do the same, you’ll be left behind. 

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