About the Company

Since 1998, family-owned Berrett Pest Control has provided fast, efficient service to homes throughout their Ft. Worth, Texas service area. In those 20 years, the company has grown to about 50 technicians and 70 employees and has enjoyed taking its dependable and personalized services to an ever-growing number of residential customers.

The Challenge

The growing company had trouble finding a software solution that could keep up with their needs. Their old solution was cumbersome and time-consuming, so Berrett had to keep more employees on board to handle extra administrative work. While the old solution technically did everything that was needed, Berrett’s leadership was looking for a system that was streamlined and more intuitive for pest control professionals.

The Solution

The company started using PestRoutes in late 2015 to handle its vast scheduling, routing, billing, commission, and customer communication needs. The PestRoutes mobile app for technicians soon became an indispensable part of Berrett employees’ everyday operations.

The Impact

Berrett Pest Control was pleased with the warm relationship it developed with PestRoutes. They worked together to tweak or create features to better meet their needs and improve service. Additionally, the company’s new ability to accept credit cards in the field made it easier for both customers and Berrett to quickly and easily complete transactions and schedule future services. As the company continued growing, Berrett Pest Control’s efficiencies increased so much that they didn’t need to quickly add more employees to meet increased demand, and often didn’t need to replace those employees who left.

By Implementing PestRoutes, Berrett Pest Control:

  • Saved hundreds of employee hours through newly streamlined business management practices and smart scheduling

  • Increased efficiencies in routing and administrative work, allowing for the same number of technicians to service more customers

  • Improved business processes to make everyday business tasks faster, easier and more convenient for customers and employees alike

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