About the Company

Improving efficiencies and providing excellent service have been priorities for Clear Defense since it opened its North Carolina offices in 2013. Having grown to 10 locations, it provides pest control services to about 12,000 residential customers in North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri. With nearly 45 dedicated employees, the company is primed for continued growth and success.

The Challenge

As the company grew, it needed to have a flexible and robust solution for scheduling and routing appointments, enhancing the customer experience and quickly logging and processing payments. The system they were using required multiple workarounds and additional service providers to accomplish everything they needed. Despite their efforts, Clear Defense was still running into unnecessary complications and frustrations because their old software solution wasn’t ready for their modern business needs.

The Solution

Clear Defense implemented PestRoutes in 2014 and immediately began experiencing improvements in the level of service they could provide to customers. Suddenly, all of the workarounds they created to work together could be handled by a single provider, making for efficient, effective pest control services. The comprehensive reports they received from PestRoutes fueled their business decisions and made planning for the future easier than ever.

The Impact

Much of the business’ operations have changed dramatically since using PestRoutes. Routing is faster and more efficient, customers are happier, and employees are empowered to perform at their best possible level. Company management has clear visibility into everyday activities across all locations and can now implement processes quickly or spot a problem
before it becomes a catastrophe.

By Implementing PestRoutes, Clear Defense:

  • Experienced improved scheduling and routing, maximizing service efficiencies across its offices

  • Saved money and time:
    duplicated efforts by centralizing business activities with PestRoutes

  • Positioned itself to continue growing market share in each of its areas of operations

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