About the Company

MosquitoNix, a national and international leader in mosquito control, is available in over 500 cities and in nine countries. Since 2003, MosquitoNix has prided itself on providing personalized and reliable customer service. With trained and licensed technicians, it has become the go-to pest control resource for residential and commercial properties.

The Challenge

Manual processes were a huge challenge for MosquitoNix. They had multiple internal teams consumed with labor-intensive practices that were necessary to keep the business running. Every day, these dedicated teams would go through what they called “an archaic system”: they would print the day’s schedule, organize services by route, and have the technicians hand write the service orders. They knew they needed to advance their technology to streamline these activities and help advance the business, but they didn’t know where to start.

The Solution

By implementing PestRoutes, MosquitoNix was able to go 100% paperless. They entirely eliminated the use of stamps, envelopes, and paper correspondence, saving paper and printing costs and hundreds of hours per week in valuable technician and staff time. With PestRoutes’ comprehensive dashboard and real-time reporting, the MosquitoNix management teams can make data-driven decisions on every aspect of the business, improving operational performance and exceeding the expectations of their customers.

The Impact

Since implementing PestRoutes, MosquitoNix has completely overhauled the way it operates. It no longer struggles to make an older technological solution handle the everyday needs of its growing business, and the time to onboard new employees has been slashed. Technicians are easily scheduled with the most efficient routing of appointments, and managers have instant visibility into what everyone is doing at any given time.

By Implementing PestRoutes, MosquitoNix:

  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars across all their entities

  • Generated 30% more business without expanding staff

  • Doubled the efficiency of their customer service and call center team

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