The Challenge

Moxie Pest Control wanted to improve the business practices that were costing them time, money, and customers. Service technicians were spending hours that could be used for service appointments on paperwork and driving time. Office supply costs were through the roof. The root of the issue? Their old software was hindering the growth of the company. The


After reviewing their practices, the team at Moxie decided to begin using PestRoutes® software. Because PestRoutes provides easy to use, end-to-end software for pest control companies, they were able to streamline many of their formally separate, non-automated systems into one convenient, all-inclusive system.

The Impact

Leadership immediately began to notice a significant time savings for service technicians. With data entry easier than ever and scheduling done using efficient routing, technicians saved about an hour each day. Additionally, when problems sprang up, such as a tech calling in sick or a service vehicle breaking down, technicians could now share information with the touch of a screen instead of having to meet in person, saving upwards of two hours each time an unanticipated event occurred.

Service technicians weren’t the only ones to benefit from the time savings that PestRoutes offers. New employee training went from about three weeks to a few days because of the easy-to-learn interface of the PestRoutes software. Office managers saved two hours a week pulling reports.

PestRoutes made the need for paper copies redundant, saving just one of Moxie’s many offices over $4000 a month in paper costs alone. Similarly, billing no longer required paper, nor the personnel to send and process bills, saving an additional $1,250 a month per office on supplies and labor.

Customer acquisition has improved thanks to PestRoutes quick and easy sign-up process. Customers can sign a contract and sign up for auto-pay at the same time and in less than ten minutes. The former process involved multiple phone calls and an in-person meeting, which often led to losing a customer before they signed on.

Customer retention has also improved. Data entry errors are much less common with PestRoutes versus the former software the company was using. Furthermore, when mistakes were made, they were easily recognizable and able to be fixed. PestRoutes ensured that no customer fell through the cracks through missed appointments, improper service, etc. This led to higher customer satisfaction.

By Implementing PestRoutes, Moxie Pest Control:

  • Saved a significant amount of time and money

  • Helped improve customer relations

  • Continued sustainable growth

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