About the Company

Preventive Pest, an independently operated pest control provider based in Houston, Texas, has delivered expert residential and commercial pest control services to its community for more than 17 years. Preventive Pest prides itself on the personalized service and attention it delivers to all of its clients.

The Challenge

Preventive Pest wanted to provide a great customer experience to their clients, but the software solution they were using seemed to get in the way of progress as much as it helped. It was complicated, tough to use, and “very archaic,” making it a hassle to do something as simple as entering a customer payment. Their old solution’s clunkiness and excessive complexity slowed down progress, made it a challenge to bring new employees up to speed, and harder for customers to get the services they wanted. Preventive Pest needed a useful and intuitive solution that would streamline daily business activities, and a platform that would make life easier for their customers.

The Solution

Preventive Pest began using PestRoutes in 2017 for critical business practices such as scheduling, routing, billing, customer communication, inventory management, reporting, and technician field operations. It offered a clearer picture than ever of what services were scheduled on any given day and transformed the way customers interacted with the company. Any time Preventive Pest needed help, PestRoutes was available and accessible to support its nearly three dozen employees with live assistance and simple tutorials.

The Impact

Since implementing PestRoutes, Preventive Pest has completely overhauled the way it operates. It no longer struggles to make an older technological solution handle the everyday needs of its growing business, and the time to onboard new employees has been slashed. Technicians are easily scheduled with the most efficient routing of appointments, and managers have instant visibility into what everyone is doing at any given time.

By Implementing PestRoutes, Preventive Pest:

  • Experienced a 40% increase in growth

  • Improved communication between technicians and the main office

  • Dramatically improved the customer experience

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