About the Company

Romex Pest Control is a steadily growing pest control provider serving the North Dallas area that works almost exclusively with residential customers. With 15 employees and a reputation for providing stellar service, Romex is poised to continue growing its business in 2019 and beyond.

The Challenge

Romex was frustrated with its previous software solution and needed to find a way to improve notifications, scheduling, and the overall customer experience. They were limited in the credit cards they were able to accept and weren’t able to provide the level of modern service that today’s consumers demand. Their frustrations slowed the pace at which the business could grow and made normal operations much harder than they had to be. They needed a solution that could remove many of their business hurdles and allow them to focus on growing and providing excellent service instead of struggling with software that didn’t meet their needs.

The Solution

The company studied their options and started using PestRoutes in 2016. Very quickly, they realized the effect the comprehensive solution would have on both daily business and long-term growth. Once Romex began using PestRoutes, they were thrilled with how user-friendly it was while still able to effortlessly handle many complex and varied tasks. They embraced tech tracking and sales reps turned to promoting the customer payment portal to remove the headache factor from customer payments.

The Impact

The owner of Romex has been delighted by the advanced features of his business’ new software solution – features that their old solution was only beginning to consider. Running Romex became easier than ever because they finally had a powerful tool that could handle all of their needs on a single platform. Management knows exactly what everyone is doing, and employees are enjoying a system that is clear and easy to use. Romex has improved technician scheduling and routing and transformed the way customers interact with the business, allowing for happier clients and vastly improved communication.

By Implementing PestRoutes, Romex Pest Control:

  • Streamlined its business operations and maximized efficiency to fuel growth

  • Improved the customer experience and made it easy for them to pay for services online

  • Doubled the efficiency of their customer service and call center team

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