About the Company

Romney Pest Control, family operated and locally owned with offices in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, since 2003, prides themselves on developing the best pest control treatments and super-serving their customers. With an excellent track record in both home and commercial pest services, Romney Pest Control holds an A+ BBB rating and many industry awards and recognition. Romney Pest Control chose PestRoutes to help them streamline back-office operations and increase profitability across all three of their locations.

The Challenge

Romney Pest Control, with three busy locations throughout Texas, was experiencing the same kinds of problems most growing pest control companies face, rising labor and supply
costs and lower profitability. They needed a way to quickly streamline all of their manual processes and gain better visibility into business operations without eroding margin. Their current technology (or lack thereof) and paper-based processes were getting in the way.

The Solution

PestRoutes provided immediate relief. By transitioning labor and paper-intensive tasks to PestRoutes software, Romney Pest Control experienced a direct cost savings and a decrease in their monthly paper and supply costs. With the addition of Smart Routing and Tech Tracking, Romney went from 6 hours of route prep to less than 30 minutes per day, giving them the ability to see more customers per technician. The comprehensive dashboard, reporting and business intelligence provided a realtime window into every aspect of their business, helping them make data-driven decisions on both growth and profitability.

The Impact

With PestRoutes, Romney Pest Control improved office efficiencies across the board. Ultimately, giving them more time in their day to super-serve their customers and $200,000 + savings in expenses per year.

By Implementing PestRoutes, Romney Pest Control:

  • $3,390 per month in paper and supply costs

  • $7-10k a month in reduced labor costs

  • $3,900 per month in routing costs

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