About the Company

White Knight Pest Control is a hero to thousands of Texans battling pest problems in their homes and businesses. The company has five locations across Texas, as well as a presence in Utah and Colorado. They serve about 18,000 customers with a stable force of 45 employees, and although they focus on residential customers, about 10% of their clients are commercial.

The Challenge

The Texas-based company was experiencing strong growth, but their software solution couldn’t keep up. Technological snags and a cumbersome platform with bad customer service created lots of (expensive) downtime. White Knight Pest Control prides itself on vanquishing the pests wreaking havoc in the lives of their customers, but they needed a hero of their own if they wanted to conduct business more smoothly and experience stronger growth

The Solution

In 2015, White Knight Pest Control turned to PestRoutes to make operating their business easier, more efficient, and more effective. Suddenly, its routing, forecasting, billing and customer interaction was all in one place. With everyone on the same page, the business was ready to slay its challenges and push forward to strong growth.

The Impact

The training, service, and support the company received immediately transformed many of its business practices. Its suddenly centralized software solution made it faster and easier to schedule services, route technicians, communicate with customers, accept payment, and gather critical business intelligence. White Knight Pest Control is no longer spending time coming up with ways to make an old system work for them and instead focuses on their next steps for growth.

By Implementing PestRoutes, White Knight Pest Control:

  • Experienced a 90% faster routing process: What used to take 3 or 4 days across multiple locations can now be handled in a single day

  • Realized a 30% decrease in staff turnover: Employees are more satisfied than ever before

  • Enjoyed a significant increase in customer retention, positive reviews, and more referrals

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