As sister companies, we are able to integrate the PestRoutes® platform with Lobster Marketing's solutions. Together we deliver exclusive offerings to PestRoutes' customers like the Lobster CompassSM marketing portal that provides pest control owners real-time visibility into critical marketing and business growth metrics, and the ability to allow their customers to book online directly from their Google My Business listing.



Don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the words of PestRoutes customers who have seen success from partnering with Lobster Marketing.


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Streamline Your Business

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Save Time and Money

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Exclusive Integrations

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See Your True ROI


Together, we provide you an end-to-end solution to acquire new customers, provide superior service, collect your revenue and see your true ROI. It's a clear picture of your customer's lifecycle.


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Here's How We Do It.

Pest Control Lead Generation & Marketing Software

Acquire New Customers

Future pest control customers are everywhere. Executing the right marketing mix for your pest control company is important to win their business.

Increase Brand Visibility

From postcards and car wraps to website design and digital marketing like Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Lobster Marketing gives you the visibility you need to be competitive.

Pest Control Lead Generation & Marketing Software
Pest Control Lead Generation & Marketing Software

Improve Your Google Ranking

With repetition and expert targeting your future customers will remember you when they’re ready to buy. With Lobster Marketing supporting your Local SEO efforts, anyone in your area searching for pest control will more likely discover you over the competition.

Sell Services Online

As a customer of both PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing, you can take advantage of the Buy Pest Control Online functionality that is enabled on your Google My Business listing. When the customer books online from the appointment on the listing their service details are automatically added into the PestRoutes® application.

Pest Control Lead Generation & Marketing Software
Pest Control Lead Generation & Marketing Software

Service with Ease

With all the right information setup within the PestRoutes platform, your team can add your new customer to your technician's routes. Your technician can service them effectively knowing they have all the details they need in their PestRoutes mobile app.

Collect Revenue

With the service completed, your new customer can leave you a review and pay their bill right from your branded Customer Portal.

Pest Control Lead Generation & Marketing Software
Pest Control Lead Generation & Marketing Software

See True ROI

Finally, save time by navigating your marketing efforts based on real-time data, not assumptions. The Lobster CompassSM marketing portal gives you quick access to important metrics by each of your marketing channels, cost per lead, and shows your true ROI so you can stay ahead of the marketing curve. Lobster Compass is integrated with PestRoutes software, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Google Ads and Call Tracking metrics.


Integrated Exclusively With PestRoutes Software

Lobster Marketing offers all of the marketing solutions your company needs to meet your organizational goals, and now you can combine the PestRoutes services you are already using to create an unstoppable force!

Whether your company is a small startup or an industry giant, the integration available through PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing can bring your business to an entirely new level.

This union between consumer-driven companies is a match made in pest control heaven. When you work with these two industry powerhouses the sky is truly the limit.

You want to provide the best consumer experience possible to your potential clients, partnering the successful PestRoutes software and the creative genius of Lobster Marketing should be the first step you take towards organizational growth.

Our Integrations Include:

  • Fully automated form and lead integration
  • Reviews displayed automatically
  • Allow users to buy pest control online
  • Fully Integrated Customer Portal
  • Change and display your deals & programs on the fly in PestRoutes

PestRoutes and Lobster

See How We Work Together For You.


PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing create long-term value for your pest control business. This powerful connection provides you the ability to effectively manage and measure your services with one platform.


Skip the form and reach our sales team at (972) 435-6275


Learn more about the full-service marketing solutions Lobster Marketing can provide for your pest control company by visiting

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