As sister companies, we are able to integrate the PestRoutes® platform with Lobster Marketing's solutions. Together we deliver exclusive offerings to PestRoutes' customers like the Lobster CompassSM marketing portal that provides pest control owners real-time visibility into critical marketing and business growth metrics, and the ability to allow their customers to book online directly from their Google My Business listing.

pest control website designed by lobster marketing group

Web Design

Our team of pest control marketing professionals will build you a sleek, intuitive pest control website that is perfectly optimized to attract new customers while emphasizing the qualities that set your business apart from the competition. Through our SEO services, you will receive fresh content published to your website on a monthly basis, this content will improve your website's performance over time while establishing industry relevancy. Lobster websites are completely responsive and appeal to both customer and search engines alike.

  • Secure hosting and online sales capability
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly website design
  • Customizable, easy-to-use customer portals
  • PestRoutes® software integration


search engine optimization or seo

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize websites to be found by Google and other search engines using an agile approach that keeps your website ahead of the curve. By making your website as search-engine-friendly as possible, we’ll help draw new organic traffic to your site and direct them to the services they’re looking for once they arrive. You can expect:

  • Improved search exposure for your business
  • Backlink assessment to boost your website’s visibility
  • Local search & directory listings to maximize your online presence
  • SEO reports and audits to identify any issues that could be holding your site back from its full potential
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Paid Search

The team at Lobster will create, manage and optimize your pay-per-click advertising strategy, including Google AdWords and other paid campaigns, to drive more leads to your business. Complement your SEO efforts with paid advertising methods to obtain new customers using:

  • Google search ads
  • Google display ads
  • Bing ads
  • Facebook advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • Remarketing
graphic designer tools

Graphic Design

We create high-quality designs that complement your brand, using it as a tool to help distinguish your brand from the competition. Lobster Marketing is your one-stop-shop for all of your graphic design needs – both online or off. We offer:

  • Carefully-designed & accurate illustrations of the potential pests your customers could be facing
  • Unique, eye-catching graphics to help draw attention and keep eyes on the page
  • A talented team with years of experience in website design, logo development, brochures, postcards, business cards, vehicle wraps, and more

Real Time Reporting

Are you wasting your time and money on marketing strategies that simply don’t work? With the Lobster Compass marketing portal, Lobster Marketing’s real-time reporting portal, we can consolidate your marketing data into one interactive location. With useful information about your business that’s easy to analyze, you can make the strategic decisions necessary for your pest control business to thrive. This innovative tool will help you make the decisions that count. The Lobster Compass marketing portal helps navigate your marketing efforts by:

  • Highlighting the most important metrics by each of your marketing channels so you can stay ahead of the marketing curve
  • Automatically consolidating data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google Ads
  • Showing cost per lead and true ROI (with PestRoutes software platform integration)
  • Tracking calls, lead forms and online purchases produced from your paid ads, email, print, Local SEO and other marketing efforts 
graphic designer tools

Local SEO Services

Google is constantly changing as it reacts to the behavior of people searching for services online. You want your website to generate the organic traffic needed to reach the top of Google’s search engine results. Our team of professionals at Lobster Marketing design your website and upload material with SEO in mind. Our Local SEO support helps increase your exposure to the people in your market looking for your services.  Lobster’s Local SEO services can keep you ahead of the curve through:

  • Optimization of your Google My Business listings
  • Regular posting of content to keep your listing fresh and timely
  • Name, address, phone number, citation building
  • Simple online booking for PestRoutes customers directly from their Google My Business listing 
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For the past decade, Lobster Marketing has recognized that the pest control industry as a whole, has fallen behind in overall marketing effectiveness. Gone are the days when you could run a simple ad in the local phonebook and generate leads. Consumers have become very savvy and are researching their options more than ever before.

Lobster Marketing has worked very hard over the past 10 years to develop and improve marketing materials that drive customers to the services they require while effectively demonstrating the actual need. Whether that be in the form of a geo-targeted postcard, an email campaign targeting lost leads, or a completely responsive website with SEO value-added on a monthly basis, Lobster Marketing is able to meet and exceed all of your marketing needs and expectations.

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Web Design

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Search Engine Optimization

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Paid Search

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Marketing Campaigns

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Graphic Design and Print

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Reviews and Referrals

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Integrated Exclusively With PestRoutes Software

Lobster Marketing offers all of the marketing solutions your company needs to meet your organizational goals, and now you can combine the PestRoutes services you are already using to create an unstoppable force!

Whether your company is a small startup or an industry giant, the integration available through PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing can bring your business to an entirely new level.

This union between consumer-driven companies is a match made in pest control heaven. When you work with these two industry powerhouses the sky is truly the limit.

You want to provide the best consumer experience possible to your potential clients, partnering the successful PestRoutes software and the creative genius of Lobster Marketing should be the first step you take towards organizational growth.

Our Integrations Include:

  • Fully automated form and lead integration
  • Reviews displayed automatically
  • Allow users to buy pest control online
  • Fully Integrated Customer Portal
  • Change and display your deals & programs on the fly in PestRoutes

Learn more about the full-service marketing solutions Lobster Marketing can provide
for your pest control company by visiting


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