Our name may reflect how we started in field service – supporting pest control businesses – but we quickly gained customers in many more markets.

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Run Your Business Your Way

Recurring and One-Time Services

There is no one-size-fits-all business model for field services operations. PestRoutes® software supports residential recurring services, one-time services, and provides flexibility in both billing and scheduling to handle multiple service types. Customization exists at the service plan level as well as individual customer level, so the power is in your hands to run your business your way.

  • Initial and recurring invoice templates are used to quickly set up new customers

  • Pre-associate line items to services or add them on the fly from the field or office

  • Associate default products, chemicals and equipment to the service type to save technicians time in the field

  • Default initial and recurring invoice templates with configurable billing frequencies, including custom schedules for project-based services

  • Price by service type including by square or linear foot 

pest control software from pestroutes

Accomplish More

Dispatching and Scheduling

Manual processes for scheduling are a thing of the past. PestRoutes software detects when services are due and places them in the job pool for scheduling. With intelligent routing and dispatching, you can assign an area of customers by a preferred technician or region, then create pre-built routes that are optimized efficiently.

  • Recurring and one-time services

  • Dispatching optimization

  • Job pools

  • Drag-and-drop appointments

  • Map view schedule

a communication form for a pest control customer

Make Your Mark

Automation and Personalization

With more than 1,500 locations powered by PestRoutes software, we know the importance of differentiating your business and your brand. And with PestRoutes, you can differentiate in a paperless and contactless environment. No need to print documents for your mobile workers or have them leave anything at the property. With our mobile app, mobile workers can focus on what they do best – service.  No more administrative tasks before or after the job.

  • Brand and personalize custom forms and your app experience with configurations, settings and preferences

  • Tasks and Alerts help turn manual processes into automated workflows which can be assigned to those responsible to follow-up or complete

  • Trigger Rules drive more efficiencies and improve customer service with simple automation tools for reminders, collections, notifications and more

  • Personalize email, SMS text, voicemail and USPS mail communications with the ability to include customer name, service address, appointment date and time, payment due and more

  • Communication preferences allow your customers to choose their preferred method of communication – SMS text, voicemail, email or USPS mail

pest control software from pestroutes

Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Robust Reporting

Filter, format and export reports with ease without the hassle of a Business Intelligence tool’s complex implementation and high monthly fees. And better than a third-party BI tool, PestRoutes software allows you to take actions in bulk or at an individual customer-level directly from various reports.

  • Permission- and role-based dashboards

  • Drill-down widgets

  • Actionable insights

  • Filters and parameters with export capabilities

  • Mobile-worker tracking

  • Comprehensive sales, customer, financial and operations reporting

customer service support technician

Dedicated U.S. Support

No lengthy training sessions needed. Your technicians will be service-ready in minutes. If help is needed, the PestRoutes support team is here.

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