PestRoutes knows the needs of residential and commercial pest control customers are different. We’ve made it easier than ever to support these varying lines of business with powerful software features that equip you to deliver residential and commercial services as well as manage multi-unit properties.   

a desktop and mobile device displaying pestroutes software

Service With Ease

Scheduling and Notes

Enjoy flexibility no matter your service schedule. Monthly, quarterly or even yearly services are easy to manage, schedule and optimize. Share notes about the property such as whether the customer has pets, gate codes, preferences about the time of day they are serviced or a preferred technician for the job.

  • Custom scheduling provides ultimate flexibility
  • Customers automatically placed in a job pool when ready for service
  • Build intelligent and efficient routes with an easy-to-use tool
a screen shot of pest routes software

Delight Your Customers

Customer Portal

Provide your customers a secure, modern and digital experience to do business with you. The PestRoutes® customer portal provides access to important account information such as, billing, invoices, subscriptions, appointments and service notifications.

  • Email communications prompt customers to pay bills when services are complete
  • Customers can view any documents related to services such as renewal notices and contracts
  • Customers can update their payment methods and set up autopay
a phone with a screen displaying software from pestroutes

Communicate With Ease

Automated Communications

With trigger rules, your customers receive automated communications through configurable channels: email, voicemail, USPS mail and text messaging. You can also brand and personalize customer communications and documents such as:

  • Contracts
  • Appointment reminders
  • Collections
  • Completed service notifications
  • Account statements
  • Customer emails
  • Invoices
a computer monitor screen displaying software from pest routes

Make It Simple

Merge and Link Properties

Services for property managers and landlords are simplified with the ability to merge and link multiple service addresses. Use a primary Bill To in order to keep all the properties connected and consolidate billing. If there are specific charges outside of this primary Bill To, then the service address becomes the responsible party. Your merged accounts will also show the account information and history from separate customer cards.

a business owner using pestroutes software

Get Paid


Make it easy for your customers to pay you and collect the revenue on time. With autopay and PCI compliant methods in place, your customers provide authorization for you to charge them. Once they are flagged as an autopay customer, a balance is generated on their account and you can charge customers in bulk.

  • PestRoutes reporting makes it easy to see the autopay status of customers
  • Select from multiple payment processors
  • Customers can choose credit card or ACH for autopay
pestroutes software on a mobile device

Close the Deal

Door-to-Door Sales

Field sales are made easy with our mobile app. Map out a neighborhood and target the homes you haven’t contacted. Easily record your interaction detail, manage leads, create a new customer and schedule the service right from your smartphone or tablet. The new contract will flow right into the PestRoutes software eliminating needless paperwork. Keep your reps motivated while on the job with a real-time leaderboard.  

  • Keep your leaderboard aligned with your company goals
  • Mobile app baseball cards show sales reps where they stand
  • Calculating and reporting commissions is easily managed thanks to flexible configurations
pestroutes software on a desktop device

Monitor and Report on Trends

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control should be paperless too. With the mobile app you can define structures for the property for paperless record-keeping and predefine treatments for technicians that aid in data capture and reporting compliance. You can also designate and report pest-conducive conditions on-site right from the app. Best of all, monitor and report on trends with:

  • Actionable trending of evidence and activity 
  • Automated alerts on condition status and pest activity 
  • Allow property managers to receive advanced, detailed service notifications within a branded customer portal 
  • Make trend reports available to staff and property managers 
technician and customer using software from pestroutes

Simplify the Complicated

Multi-Unit Properties

Tedious or larger customer properties become simplified with the ability to create and schedule units like apartments, high-rise buildings, townhomes and retail buildings. With the mobile app, technicians can perform services unit-by-unit and add additional services from the field. You benefit from seamless reporting, billing and visibility for the collection of units.

  • Build multi-unit properties in PestRoutes software unit-by-unit or in bulk
  • Units can be scheduled using a quota by number of units or percentage to be completed at each appointment
  • Technicians can add unit specific add-ons in the field
support person for pestroutes software

Dedicated U.S. Support

No lengthy training sessions needed. Your technicians will be service-ready in minutes. If help is needed, the PestRoutes support team is here.

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